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  • Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocacy Network - detention hotline; legal representation for people in detention, individuals or families who are victims of abuse, trafficking, neglect, DACA renewal, pro se assistance; training for lawyers

  • Catholic Charities - low fee services and legal referrals for visa and family visas,  Uvisas, citizenship, naturalization, DACA renewal, deportation defense, notario fraud protection, legal aid clinic nights

  • Immigrant Legal Center of Boulder County - citizenship and immigration, legal representation; DACA renewal, adjustment of status; notario fraud protection

  • Immigration Advocates Network - legal clearinghouse for all Colorado  legal resources
  • Lutheran Family Services - assistance with applications for family reunification and citizenship, other limited services

  • The Center for Trauma & Resilience - legal assistance for victims of violence

  • Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition - detailed DACA renewal information and forms, organizations providing DACA fee assistance

  • International Rescue Committee - pro bono representation for non-detained survivors of torture through asylum, CAT, VAWA, U-visa and other forms of relief; family-based petitions; employment authorizations; travel documents; and related training for pro bono attorneys

  • Casa de Paz- shelter, meals, transportation, and emotional support for immigrants released from detention and families of detained immigrants

  • AILA - lawyer referral; training for lawyers

  • ACLU - by written request

  • American Friends Service Committee - provides court companions

  • Immigrant Defense Project - emergency preparedness plan if you or a loved one are at risk of deportation (plan for legal, medical, childcare, financial, bond hearing advocacy, immigration raids)

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